Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2/7/12 Protest Michelle Rhee!

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Protest Michelle Rhee and the

Corporate Attack on Education

Paramount Theater

February 7th, Rally at 7pm, Event at 8

2025 Broadway, Oakland

Who is Michelle Rhee?

  • Former chancellor of Washington DC schools and anti-union crusader
  • Founder of StudentsFirst, a partner in privatizing education with people like Bill Gates and the Broad Foundation
  • Featured in the movie Waiting for Superman, where she denigrated public school teachers and promoted her corporate brand of “Rhee-Form”

Why Should We Protest?

  • This isn’t about just one person: it is about the right-wing movement that Rhee represents
  • Rhee personifies the pro-corporate agenda that puts test scores and private contracts before students’ needs
  • Rhee and her right-wing cohorts, like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, are leading the national drive to bust education and other public sector unions

What Do We Want?

  • Fully funded public education
  • An end to school closures and the expansion of charters
  • Good contracts for all public sector workers

Join Bay Area Education Activists

as we give Rhee the reception that she deserves!

For more information email,

or call the Oakland Education Association at 510-763-4020

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