Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10/25/11 Take One National Board Certification Program

Learn about the Take One National Board Certification Program

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Where: Oakland Education Association, 272 East 12th Street, Oakland

CA 94606

Time: 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.

There will be subsidies provided if the teacher works in a school that is "high-need." A California indicator would be an API statewide rank of 5 or less, but NBPTS also uses the federal guidelines of 51%+ of students on free or reduced lunch or Title I status.

Please register with Lisa.Spielman@ousd.k12.ca.us


The Targeted High Need Initiative (THNI) is a program designed to promote the growth in the number of National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) teaching in schools with the greatest need. The Initiative is in its sixth year. In 2006, The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) created THNI Take One! sites to permit teachers who are not yet ready to complete the full certification process to benefit from some of the key professional development aspects of the full certification process.

Take One! is a product in which an educator completes one of the four portfolio entries included in the full certification assessment. Scores can be banked and applied later to eligible teachers who pursue National Board Certification. This program supports learning communities in schools, provides exposure to the National Board Certification process in a way that is less intense and more manageable.

Approximately 40 percent of teachers completing THNI Take One! continue to pursue National Board Certification. Even those who do not continue gain valuable professional development and insight into the reflective teaching focus of National Board Certification.

The teachers who participate in the Take One! process will be encouraged to complete National Board Certification as soon as they are eligible.

Teacher must be "high-need." A California indicator would be an API statewide rank of 5 or less, but NBPTS also uses the federal guidelines of 51%+ of students on free or reduced lunch or Title I status.

The THNI Participants can be accepted through the end of a calendar year which is the end of the NBPTS registration cycle. The Take One! portfolio entry for 2011 participants must be submitted to NBPTS by April 15, 2012.

Please register with Lisa.Spielman@ousd.k12.ca.us


Betty Olson-Jones

Oakland Education Association

Monday, October 17, 2011

10/24/11 Bargaining Workshop

Last spring a number of OEA members expressed interest in learning about contract bargaining –laws, procedures, realities.

This fall, OEA will need to assemble a new bargaining team.

All interested OEA members who want to learn more about contract bargaining are encouraged to attend two (2) OEA-sponsored Saturday workshops.

Monday, October 24 4:30pm—7:30pm
OEA Bargaining History

This discussion will review issues like how contract bargaining is never a one-time process. For example, what is lost in one contract (like a 4% increase) can be regained in another. Or what the district failed to get in one contract can be sought after in a subsequent contract. In sum: Contract clauses are the result of ongoing organizing—and the result of compromise by both parties.

OEA members who were involved in previous bargaining rounds, from the early 90’s on, will summarize OEA bargaining history: Class size? Follow the students? Faculty Councils? Learn how OEA was able to win these key clauses in our contract, and many others.

Saturday, September 17 10:00am—1:00pm
Bargaining Basics

Theo Austin-Smyth from the CTA Negotiations and Organizing Department and our OEA CTA Staff Representatives will review the basics of the collective bargaining process—how bargaining teams are chosen, roles on a team, team dynamics and the legal framework for collective bargaining.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

10/7/11 OEA MURMUR


October 7, 2011


Since our first OEA social shares the date with Oakland “Art Murmur,”* (oaklandartmurmur.org) we decided to display the best of student and teacher art for the month of October. All members are invited to start their Friday at OEA to view that art, enjoy refreshments, and continue their Friday activities at Oakland Art Murmur.


Please give mounted or framed pieces (up to 5 from each school) of children’s art to your OEA Rep to bring to the Rep Council on Monday, October 3. Art will be returned at the November Rep Council. On the front have the name, grade, and school of the artist.


We know you are out there! To be an Oakland teacher means to be a creative teacher! Bring your pieces of art to the OEA Center between 3:00 and 5:00 on Wednesday, October 5. Volunteers will be there to help you mount your pieces.


*The mission of the Oakland Art Murmur is to support art and cultural venues that are dedicated to increasing popular awareness of and participation in the arts of Oakland. We promote the arts community through collective marketing and outreach efforts and organize a monthly First Friday Art Walk event, Art Murmur, which is free and open to the public.
Every First Friday of the month, member galleries are open to the public from 6-9 pm. Additionally 23rd Street between Telegraph and Valley is closed to car traffic, and craft, art, and food vendors are set up along this corridor.