Monday, July 18, 2011

8/2/11 Unemployment Benefits Appeals Workshop

Date: July 2011

To: OEA Members Appealing Unemployment Insurance (UI) Decisions

From: Ben Visnick, OEA Treasurer

Re: How to Appeal a Negative Determination Letter

If you have applied (or are in the process of applying for UI) and you want to know the process of appealing an EDD decision, please attend this important meeting.

WHAT: UI Info Meeting

WHEN: Tuesday, August 2, 2011, 4:00 pm

WHERE: OEA Center, 272 E. 12th Street at 3rd Avenue, Oakland, CA 94606


or Patricia Gray at 510-763-4020, x11


Friday, July 1, 2011

7/30/11 OEA ACTION ALERT! Save Our Schools Rally!

Save Our Schools Rally!
California State Capitol Building
1315 10th Street, Sacramento
Saturday, July 30, 2011
11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Make it a family day! Come to the rally then take your family to Old Town or the California State Fair!

Carpooling will take place at Sankofa/Washington School, 581 61st St.
Entrance to parking lot is in the middle of the block.
Those wishing a carpool hook up should be at the lot by 9:30 am.
Contact info: Trish Gorham

Educators from across the country are converging on Washington, DC July 28-31 to stand up for our students and the future of public education. Oakland's own, Anthony Cody, has organized a conference and rally that will protest the misguided policies of Arne Duncan, the concerted effort to privatize education, and the unwarranted attacks on teachers.

Further information from the organizers about what to expect the day of:

1) WATER: Bottled water will be readily available free of charge the day of the event. Simply head over to the SOS tables to pick one up to stay hydrated!

2) T-SHIRTS: We are happy to announce that we have SAVE OUR SCHOOLS T-SHIRTS available for reserved purchase at the very low price of $6 each! We only have a limited amount, so reserve yours today. (S, M, L, and XL)

To reserve your t-shirt, please email Amy at: with your name and the size(s)/ quantity you need. They will be available for pick-up the day of the Sacramento Save Our Schools Rally, July 30th on the State Capitol Lawn (1315 10th Street).

The day of the event, please have exact cash ready or a check made payable to: Amy Mayfield. These will go quickly, so please get your order in to us ASAP!

3) FLYER: Our event flyer is available on our Facebook page and at I encourage you to print it out and hand it out where ever you go. The more people who show up to this event, the bigger the impact we will make. The DC event happening on the same day is expecting over 10,000 people! While we won't have anywhere NEAR that many, we do want to show solidarity and an urgency for this important movement, and the more people who come the more successfully we can accomplish that.

4) FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE: If you go to and click on EVENT you will be able to RSVP, comment, and even reach out to other event attendees to inquire about carpooling and other questions you may have.

5) WHY I AM MARCHING: We are joining in on the campaign "Why I am Marching" that SOS National started a few weeks back to inform the general public about why we are doing what we are doing and generate interest. While we aren't technically "marching" in Sacramento, we are rallying-- and that's close enough!

I encourage you to post on the Facebook page comments in response to this. If you don't have Facebook, email me with the subject "Why I Am Marching" and I will post them. I have quite a few bloggers asking me for California participants in this to post on their blogs, and I'd like to send your responses to them (with your permission, of course).

6) FLASH MOB!: While it won't technically be a flash mob, it will be a lot of fun and a great way to make an impact. The day of the event, our organizers will be there to teach you (if you wish to participate) our SOS California Unity Presentation choreography. Just head over to the SOS Tables to get your number and meet up with your instructor. I promise you, it is very simple choreography-- no prior dance experience required! Even I was able to pick it up quickly. Hopefully we will have hundreds of people ready and willing to participate! That will be performed at 2:00.

7) PARKING: Parking is widely available in this part of town. There are parking garages galore and street parking can also probably be found with the right amount of determination and positive thinking (FYI: Also, there are coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants all within short walking distance as well.)

8) WEATHER: It is expected to be hot the day of the event, so just be prepared. Don't let that be a deterrent because we need people like you to brave the heat and come out any way! There are large trees in the rally area that provide excellent shade. Some ideas for optimum comfort the day of-- hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, extra water if you want it, umbrellas for shade, light cotton clothing --and with that you should be rally ready!

9) LAST THING-- PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! Bring your friends, kids, colleagues, family members, neighbors, etc. Make signs and show up ready to rally. These issues within our education system are ones that affect everyone and this is a cause that everyone can get involved in-- whether you area parent, educator, student, or concerned citizen. We welcome all!

So finally, I want to thank you for all your support, participation, and activism! This is a vital cause and we've worked hard to bring the SOS movement to California with this event. Grassroots is growing up and it is all because of people like you taking interest and committing themselves to speaking out and spreading the word. We hope to see you at the rally!

Please feel free to contact Molly Servatius at sosmarchcalifornia@gmail.c om with any questions/concerns/information requests/volunteer offers/etc. In solidarity!

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