Friday, April 15, 2011


We are in a State of Emergency and we need every one of you to be informed and involved!

May 9-13 State of Emergency Week of Action

Rep Council is Monday, May 2. We will spend most of the meeting preparing for the Week of Action May 9-13, so be sure you are informed! We encourage members to go to Sacramento on Monday, May 9th to set the tone for the week-long occupation - OEA is scheduling a bus, and there will be sign-ups at Rep Council, so let your Rep know if you want to be on the bus. CTA will pay for your release time. If you can't go Monday, go another day with a few others from your site - CTA will pay for release time and transportation. You need to register online at

Much more information will be available at Rep Council on May 2nd.

Go HERE for more events during May 9 - 13

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