Sunday, May 15, 2011

5/31/11 Alliance Academy informational

May 31st, 2011

The faculty at Alliance, led by site rep Jeffrey Hilliard, are conducting an informational picket on Tuesday morning, May 31 from 7am to 8am in front of the Alliance campus on 98th Avenue to call attention to the unsafe campus climate all year about which OUSD has been dragging its feet.

“The OUSD Alliance Academy Administration has created an


on The Elmhurst Campus, and in The Elmhurst Community!”


After the exit of the beloved original Alliance Academy Principal Yvette Renteria, OUSD assigned an inexperienced Principal, and an inexperienced Assistant Principal who have done the following since September 2010:

· Multiple violations of the OEA/OUSD Teacher Contract Terms, violated multiple OUSD District Safety Policies, and have violated the California State Education Code regarding safety and school climate.

· This School-Year, The New Alliance Academy Administration made The Elmhurst Campus unsafe by allowing Gang Activity (colors, posturing, & recruiting), Sexual Harassment/Hate Language, and Habitual Harassment/Bullying & Violence of students & staff with few consequences, and undermining teachers’ authority.

· Since September 2010, The OEA Union Site Representative has had to file over 7-Grievances related to safety and school climate concerns, Contract & Ed Code Violations, and to protect the rights of all Teachers, Staff, & Students of Alliance Academy.

· In what the OEA views as ‘Retaliation’ for his Activism & Advocacy, in late March 2011, we believe that The Alliance Academy Administration began directing some parents to write complaints against a well-respected and long-time teacher at Alliance, who is also the OEA Union Site Representative.

· Lastly, in April & May after almost a whole year, Teachers began to feel all the effects from all the stress attributed to verbal profanity, sexual harassment, hate language, open disrespect, defiance, and disruption from some students; lack of disciplinary support from the site Administration; and the Alliance Administration constantly undermining Teachers’ Classroom Authority, despite many attempts by the Alliance teachers to address the issues for the good of the entire school community.


Contact OUSD Superintendent - Tony Smith at (510) 879-8200 or at and tell him to resolve the Teacher Safety & School Climate Concerns at Alliance Academy.

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